This is a list of the parts we have left from a 1984 and 1983 Winnebago Centuri Motorhome and Lesharo Diesel Van.

$50.00 min order                   Benton, KY  42025   Contact Page

Door Side Mirrors           $35.00 ea.                           

Front drivers door             $150.00

Passenger Door                 $150.00

Front door interior panel            $50.00 ea.

Rear view mirror  (center)         $10.00

Spare tire and wheel                   $75.00

Rebuildable head for Diesel             $200.00

4 Used Diesel Injectors             $100.00

Diesel Injector pump Core                          $175.00

DASH                                      $100.00

I will add more Motorhome parts as we find them, If you do not see what you need feel free to ask.